Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Vintage Public Market neon sign, international artist’s, and Lowell’s neons!


PUBLIC MARKET 5Pike Place Market, recognized world wide as the oldest continually operated public farmers’ market in the United States, is both the destination in Seattle not to be missed, but also the focus of internationally recognized artists! Here you’ll see an “intaglio print etching” made by the famous artist Ed Ruscha of our “Public Market” sign that hovers over City Fish, six doors north Of Lowell’s entrance. Just one of the many incredible vintage neon signs around the market, which are an interesting tour unto themselves. (Lowell’s has two of the many, one in the main arcade, and one over the door leading into the main arcade from the Pike Place cobblestones. Check out all of the Pike Place neon signs, they’re “Smithsonian” worthy!



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