Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Crowds in Pike Place? Hide away on one of our top floors with a hand-crafted cocktail and some fresh Pacific Northwest vittles! (Thats for you Mr. & Mrs. Poncier!))

photos-20Three floors of nooks & crannies to hide from the log jams of people, hordes of tantrumsĀ of all ages and just relax like a rock star. (Ron) So if you can find our street level entrance, come in and let us take great care of you as the summer winds down a bit, and the anxiety of pushing and shoving through the streets is far, far away!



~your friends at Lowell’s


Employee of the Month: Ron Stone!

Ron StoneRon has been pearl diving for Lowell’s since God was a baby, and his wrinkled fingers are proof. Back when Ron began we took the time and patience to teach him the intricacies of the art, and after several years Ron was keeping up with the best of them; almost. Ron is a legend in dish washing circles, working tirelessly to “scrape the bottoms” and “de-mess the excess”.

Ron’s abilities far surpass those of the lower primates, even though he never evolved opposable thumbs. When Ron gets through with a day’s work, several days later, we know we’ve helped him achieve one of his lifelong goals: getting out of bed by mid day and putting in a half day’s work.

Thanks Ron, never surrender!

Katie & the Jorge’ Apple…only at Lowell’s!

Some other restaurateurs around town (NOT IN THE MARKET) use GMO produce in their establishments, but not here at Lowell’s.

Our own Katie Apple-Finder travels the backroads seeking out the freshest and most unique produce available for use in our creative, one-of-a-kind cocktail infusions in our 2nd floor bar/lounge.

Like the “Jorge Gigante'” here, not just any apple, the Jorge grows in the upper reaches of the dwarf apple trees that were imported in the 17th century to within 40 miles of Lowell’s, up by Tiger Mountain, where they hide beneath the pines for maximum strength of character, where all of the nutrients go into the apple and not the twigs & leaves.

Producing such unique characteristics as the white dreads and courageously assertive head size, the “Jorge Apple” is a specimen unique to Lowell’s, and Katie Apple-Finder is the super sleuth apple-finder of the Pacific Northwest,

Where else, but Lowell's?

Where else, but Lowell’s?

responsible for foraging Tiger Mountain to bring them to us, and ultimately, to you!

Thank you Katie, job well done!

~All of us at Lowell’s Restaurant & Bar

BITES & FLIGHTS! Seattle Beer Week at Lowell’s…

Seattle Beer Week is fresh, local tastes all over town at the best establishments in Seattle; everybody tasting what The Pacific Northwest has to offer! On Wednesday, May 14 from 3PM-6PM Lowell’s will be hosting a pairing up of great fresh hand crafted tasty “BITES” with Pike Place Brewery’s “FLIGHTS” of their award winning ales! Head up to our 3rd floor panoramic water view dining room where you’ll find everything that makes Pike Place Market so great; fresh, fresh, fresh Market Food made fresh at Lowell’s passed around with tasty samplers of Pike Place Brewery’s award winning ales. Decades of authenticity make a perfect pair with our bites, and their flights! Almost classy, join us and kick off the pre-summer celebrations and Seattle Beer Weeks “HUMP DAY”!


Peace & Love...7 days a week, year around!

Peace & Love…7 days a week, year around!