Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Another Fresh, New & Inspired “Lowell’s Seafood Soup!”

Juan’s makes incredible fresh seafood soups, and why wouldn’t he, being in the heart of Pike Place Market with the freshest bounty the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Today’s version, with tomato & veggie stock is packed with fresh wild king salmon and Oregon Bay shrimp. It’s not as spicy as “Papa Juan’s Fish Soup”, which has some of Juan’s Latino heritage infused into the spicing, but offers a perfect balance of seafood, herbs, vegetables and soul.

This would be impossible to replicate at twice the price anywhere else, because the advantage of selecting the freshest from our neighbor’s is a luxury we never take for granted!

Cheers to everyone!

~MarkSeafood Soup


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  1. Betmate says:

    August 17, 2022 at 10:41 am

    에볼플레이 먹튀검증 안전노리터

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