Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Thank you Ron & Ashlea!

Without a picture of Ron & Ashlea, this view will be substituted until they come in again and maybe allow me to take their mugshot!

I wish I had a picture of your smiling faces to post here, but in lieu of that, a view out of our 3rd floor windows. Thank you both for brightening up our 2nd floor with your smiling presence as often as you do (all my “staff” love you, by the way) but ALSO, for the great gift of “Loveless Cafe’s” Old Fashioned Peach Preserves & The Loveless Cafe’s Bisquit Mix (from Nashville, TN. www.Loveless Cafe.com)!

We’ll be firing the bisquits up in the next couple days, and sharing them while the rain whistles against the windows. It’s friend’s like you that make our restaurant a warm “living room” instead of just a place to eat. It’s all about sharing the love, and you two pesronify “almost classy”, just like we do!


Cheers always,

~Mark & allĀ our family at Lowell’s