Lowell's Restaurant Seattle


Hand’s down the best “sloppy smoky awesome wintery warm inside comfort food” smoked meatloaf sandwich in the world!

Sit in one of our arcade side market booths and dive into our “locally famous” smoked meatloaf sandwich and people watch the shoppers down below on this nippy, rainy day!

Fresh Macrina ciabatta roll slathered with sun-dried tomato chipotle sauce then topped with our home-made smoked (in-house smoked, over hickory chips, no liquid smoke here) meatloaf, fresh iceberg lettuce leaves, tomato slices and Beecher’s Flagship white cheddar cheese! Pickle slabs and our house-seasoned french fries on the side completes it, and you won’t find this anywhere other than Lowell’s, because of course, we invented (or perfected, we didn’t find the recipe anywhere else, we think we invented it) house smoked meatloaf years ago, at 4AM, after many, many smoking inside miss-haps and trial & error. If we think it’s a fresh idea, we make it fresh for ourselves first and perfect it before it ever goes out!

Almost classy since 1957…

Man-o-man this is good,

~Mark & Juan & Jeremy… (research & development guinea pigs gladly eating and drinking our mistakes until we get it right for you)