Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Smell our home-made holiday spiced Fresh Washington Apple Cider, spiked with spirits, then bottom’s up!

We go two doors left out our north doors and grab a couple gallons of FRESH Washinton State apple cider, spice it up with cinnamon sticks, cloves, grate some nutmeg in it, throw in a handful of allspice berries, crystalized ginger, dried cranberries and of course a bunch of chopped up apples!  Heat it all up and let the spices get to know each other, pull the fresh apple essence from the apples into the fresh Woodring Cider, reduce it down a bit, then strain out the spice chunks. We then add some local dairy butter and heat it back up! Spike it with a deep rich dark rum and a little Italian Tuaca, and Santa has his foot on the throttle, while we have control of the bottle!