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As of 10/25/2021, per the statewide mandate, all guests at Lowell's MUST show proof of vaccination OR a negative test taken in the previous 72 hours.

We thank all our guests for their continued understanding and patience as we navigate the daily challenges of operating during COVID-19. Masks are required for entry for everyone. Our team is working hard to ensure everyone can have a safe and happy experience!

Lowell’s Butternut Squash-Sage Soup, tomorrow’s soup of the day!

Nice iPhone picture, eh? I know, you thought it was a professional, stock photo, bought from an internet site of food pictures, BUT NOOOO, taken with a free photo app on my phone! Bragging? Well, not really, (it does have really grainy details and the artsy bouquet of sage next to the bowl may be a little much!) it’s just that I’m just amazed that my phone makes us look so good (I mean, our food is GREAT!) but the fact that a free photo app would take as good of pictures as a Nikon or other expensive camera is extraordinary. Of course, if I handed my phone over to a pro, then it would look even more beautiful, but we have fun.

Stop in tomorrow for Juan’s great cold weather bone-warming Baked Butternut Squash & Fresh Sage Soup at lunch time. The fresh sage inside and on top of the creamy, deep rich flavor of the squash is extraordinary. It’s a simple philosophy; fresh & simple ingredients from the neighbors around us, then let those flavors shine on by themselves, like nature allows. Beautiful, tasty, simple and fresh, just like Pike Place Market…

~Mark (but Juan gets the credit!)

Anotrher one of Juan's great fresh soups; vegetarian baked butternut squash & sage soup with LePanier fresh baked baguette on the side

Anotrher one of Juan’s great fresh soups; vegetarian baked butternut squash & sage soup with LePanier fresh baked baguette on the side



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