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Lowell’s Breakfast Cooks…they rock our mornings with the best professional skills found anywhere!

Our loyal breakfast pros. Two of the crew, all dedicated to you daily from 7AM through lunch and dinner!

Our loyal breakfast pros. Two of the crew, all dedicated to you daily from 7AM through lunch and dinner!

Javier and Hector arrive at 5 to start the day fresh, grinding up fresh braised corn beef hash, and then giving it a nice sear. Blanching the fat off of the bacon so it will crisp up nicer (we use a thicker smoked bacon then other restaurants (10-12 slices to the pound instead of most places 14-16 slices to the pound, huge difference!) which needs to be done beforehand if we’re to finish up the bacon to order without spending 20 minutes to do it!

I’ll brag about our cooks all day long, because they are incredible! Every time I travel anywhere, I’ll Google “The Best Breakfast Place in ______” whichever city I’m visiting, and see how we square up. Man, I’ve had great breakfasts in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc. etc. But I always miss both our All American breakfasts and Pacific Northwest breakfasts, all using the freshest local ingredients from Pike Place Market. We do not rest on our unsolicited laurels, framed in our front window, and we take nothing for granted.

In our kitchen, which is a very small space compared to ANY restaurant (smaller than most home kitchens, actually!) Lowell’s cooks are the best! When lines go out the doors on weekend’s mid-morning or throughout the summer days with cruise ship guests arriving in droves, these cooks can plate fresh handmade dishes with professional accuracy of plate presentations of beautifully original breakfasts combined with the efficiency required to serve three floors of 150 guests daily!

Then, they switch out the kitchen for our lunch cooks, and the phenomenal jobs they do. I thank them all, and I thank Juan, my loyal kitchen manager/”chef” (he’s so humble, his job is all about support and responsibility, as opposed to “look at me wearing a fancy chef’s jacket” chef-dom ego tripping)! Watch them any day of the week and be impressed with their focus, it’s all about you, our guest’s, and they know it!




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