Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Holiday “Hump Day” Breakfasts! Mid week, over the hump towards the weekend, 7:05AM

Line 'em up and get some holiday fuel, it's going to be a big day, breakfast first!

Line ’em up and get some holiday fuel, it’s going to be a big day, breakfast first!

As we’re doing weekly inventory this morning, Juan, Jeremy & I passed the heated service window and this line-up of breakfasts struck me; HUNGRY TIME! (This is NOT a posed picture, honest.)

Our “Hangtown Fry” with fresh grilled northwest oysters & smoked bacon, “Cinnamon-Vanilla French Toast”, “All-American Bacon & Eggs” (the most oftened ordered breakfast in the USA, statistics show, lol), Our thick “Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich”, Lowell’s hearty “Breakfast Bowl” (that cures any hangover by topping crispy hash brown potatoes with our fresh baked bacon-cheddar biscuits, eggs and sausage gravy!), and of course, Lowell’s Incredible Breakfast Tacos… all homemade goodness belly warming beginnings to the day.

By 7:05 we’ve been here two and a half hours counting food & booze, Harry is bringing in our fresh filleted king salmon & steamer clams for lunch service and Heather has us all jacked up with triple cafe’ lattes while Jack, Sonny & Ron anchor the second floor bar for their daily coffee and sports talk (Everyday, year in and year out, Jack, Sonny & Ron are at our first three spots at the bar, drinking coffee and BS-ing.)

Life is good, moments strung together, lucky to be here!

~Mark @ Lowell’s