Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Lowell’s Unique Bloody Mary Selection!

All of Lowell’s Bloody Marys are fresh, fresh, fresh; hand made from Pike Place Market herbs, peppers, veggies, oysters, smoked salmon, and on and on and on. We ju7st walk around the market and grab stuff to make them!

Our chalkboard in Lowell’s “Bar at the Market” on our 2nd floor shows a few of the most popular, but we can go uber-creative on you, just ask. Our “scratch” Bloody Mary mix that our bartenders mix up each morning for the day has over 20 ingredients in it to make it a fresh, deep, just-right-spiced tomato-herb base for the rest of what goes’ in them.

The most unique, from my perspective, are The Hangtown Mary and The Smoked Salmon Mary. Where else, but Lowell’s, do they have fun creating drinks with whatever their next door neighbors have freshest that day? The Rosemary-Fennel Mary takes you to the old country and the Pepper Mary is different from other’s Pepper Mary’s because we infuse our triple distilled vodka with 3 different peppers to add more complexity.

All our garnishes are pickled in house daily, the Hangtown Mary’s fresh oysters garnish comes over from pure Food Fish each morning, as well as the prawns for our Prawn Mary and the fresh alder wood smoked king salmon we infuse that one with.

Whether you want a fresh squeezed grapefruit Greyhound, a fresh squeezed orange juice Screwdriver or any other fresh Lowell’s “Bar at the Market” cocktails we’ve invented, or improved from other great bartender’s concoctions, you have to try one of our Bloody Marys when you hit the market. We’re proud of them, can you tell?

Cheer the morning…BLOODY MARY BOARD



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