Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Recharging your Xmas Batteries… Lunch at Lowell’s!

Lunch time in Pike Place Market: Lowell’s three floor “hide away.” Same wall to wall views, same great fresh food & drinks & the same casual cheeriness since horsepower was measured by horses!

Hand breaded Alaskan cod fish & chips, grilled fish tacos with our home-made salsas, Dungeness crab/smoked salmon & prawn salad and many, many more selections to make your mid-day lunch stop a true sanctuary from the massive, hectic stress of the crowds beating down the malls up the street! Then after lunch, bolstered with a hot mug of spiced & spiked fresh washington cider, shop the market! Hit the shops “down under” below Lowell’s which are funky and unique, grab makings for dinner, stroll the craft stalls for home-made gifts instead of “Made in China” gifts.

Get in the spirit of the oldest and authentic vintage operating true “public market” in the United States of America, family owned and operated one-of-a-kind businesses since 1906. This isn’t a food court, this is Lowell’s Restaurant & Bar, “almost classy” since your grand parents we’re babies!

Cheers, see ya at lunch time!