Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Wild Mushrooms Omelet tomorrow!

Fresh foraged wild mushroom, next door at Sosio’s Produce

Unbelievable selection of fresh foraged pacific Northwest mushrooms are available for those that don’t want to trudge through the mud, in the rain, along hidden paths through the woods. (Sounds good to me, just have to find the time)!Next door at Sosio’s Produce, talk with Al, Mike, Tom or one of their friendly staff to point you in the right ‘shrooms direction, and they’ll probably hand you a fresh slice of juicy pear!Tomorrow, Alex, Javier & I are going to saute’ up a bunch with a little scallions, virgin olive oil and salt & pepper, then fill our special omelets with them, and finish them with a dusting of Parmesan cheese. Rustic rosemary toast and hashbrowns on the side. Stop in and say hello,~Mark