Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Smoke your free range turkey!

This shouldn’t have to be said, but I didn’t know, until I looked into it years back. Eat like you were born 200 years ago! The farmers knew  what we should know, simplicity is fresh, easy, and rewards you with tastes that money can’t buy. It was the necessary life style, not a trendy fad. Food didn’t taste like a microwaved bag of plastic, it was earthy, leafy, juicy, smoky, crunchy and FRESH.

We all know “we are what we eat”, so what are we? Fresh & tasty, or processed & bland? Research around, Washington is full of cutting edge artisan’s, and I know I’m doing everything to transition my life around their great output, from homegrown to locally distilled. Eat drink and be merry without enduring mediocrity.

It’s turkey time, and if you haven’t smoked a turkey you have to give it a try, you will not forget it, and it will become a tradition in your house also. After taking a great “Brining, Curing, Smoking” class from Chef Sarah Wong (sarah.wong@seattlecolleges.edu), my repertoire went from smoking salmon, briskets, short ribs, and veggies to include TURKEY! Damn, I’m on the train, this bronzed bird was unreal, from cracklin’ skin to deep, rich, juicy meat throughout.

(Do your family a favor. DO NOT buy a frozen bowling ball from the super market. Go to a local farm or butcher and get a fresh one).

Contact me through our site, and I’ll send you Sarah’s recipe. AND do yourself a favor, go to http://thepantryatdelancey.com/classes/ and check out their class selections. Class slots go super-fast, but if you’re quick & lucky, you’ll be rewarded with a class that will give back to you forever as we all live forward. There are so many to choose from, and they typically include the rewards at their communal table!

~Mark @ Lowell’s

Chef Sarah’s beautifully smoked free range turkey before we devoured it!