Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Home-made hot spiked & spiced Washington apple cider weather!

Our buddy Donnie, Lina’s son. Donnie helps his mom keep Lina’s Produce the friendliest stand in Pike Place Market! Fresh herbs 10′ feet in front of us, and apples for our hot spiked & spiced cider upstairs in our 2nd floor bar. He has his mother’s smile!

Donnie supplies the apples, we grab some winter spices from “Market Spice”, reduce it down with fresh cider from “Woodring Northwest Farms” three stands north of us, then throw it in the blender. After straining it through the “china cap”, we throw it back on the stove, reduce it a little more, cool it down to room temp, add butter, then put it in the cider warmer in the bar.

Add dark mellow rum, a touch of Tuaca, and you’re into the spirit of the holiday’s. It all starts with fresh Pacific Northwest Washington apples from Lina’s. Thanks Donnie!