Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Our “pre-trendy” HANGTOWN MARY wins the competition!


Our HANGTOWN MARY represents unique fresh ingredients as well as a unique authentic history going back over 150 years! Slurp & sip, only at Lowell’s “Bar at the Market” hidden away on our restaurant’s second floor. Grab one and take to your table on the first or third floors or belly up to our bar and watch our bartender make it for you. Cheers!

Out of all our home made unique bloody Mary’s, made with our incredible-from scratch-batch bloody Mary mix, then fortified with one of our house infused vodkas (we were infusing vodkas, tequilas, rums and gins LONG BEFORE the trend hit the bars 10 years ago) and fresh garnishes, “THE HANGTOWN” won the People’s Choice Award!

We infuse THE HANGTOWN with alder wood smoked bacon vodka (yeah, we know, everyone does bacon everything these days, but as I said…) & our scratch Mary mix, a touch of smoked salt on the rim, and garnish it with a fresh Pacific Northwest oyster, house pickled green bean, baby onion, olive and lime. Slurp and drink!

The name HANGTOWN references our awesome breakfast plate, “The Hangtown Fry” which was famous during the California Gold Rush in the 1850s. The dish was invented in Placerville, California, then known as HANGTOWN.

According to most accounts, the dish was invented when a gold prospector struck it rich, headed to the Cary House Hotel, and demanded the most expensive dish that the kitchen could provide. The most expensive ingredients available were eggs, which were delicate and had to be carefully brought to the mining town; bacon, which was shipped from the East Coast, and oysters, which had to be brought on ice from the Mendocino oyster beds, over 100 miles away, north of San Francisco.

We honor the prospectors, the fresh ingredients and our guest’s with a great, unique bloody Mary found nowhere else, only “The Bar at the Market”, our second floor hide-away at Lowell’s.

Cheers to all that came before us and all that follow,

~Mark, Jeremy , Juan… and all our loyal staff that must endure the research and development that goes into constructing fun and unique cocktails out of fresh market ingredients. Mind you, they must drink all of their mistakes, so R&D weeds the weak and thins the herd!