Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Happy Thanksgiving & Living!

We wish everyone, everywhere, peace, love & joy today and always! Good food is a comforting reminder of how lucky all of us are to enjoy the simplicities of what is most important every day of the year, moments to savor family & friends. As aromas and laughter, music, food & drink come together on our table in anticipation of feasting away the afternoon, we are lucky to know our family of Lowell’s staff are also home with their loved one’s giving thanks to them, and receiving it as well, while our doors are closed today.

Peace! See you tomorrow at 7AM, before the infamous “Black Friday” hoards pound the aisles in force…


~Mark, Jeremy, & Juan… (head corn shuckers and martini stirrers)

Prepping and cooking at my house while getting ready to do some “corking” as football games fill the house with the roar of the Thanksgiving traditions!