Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Amy at Papparadelle’s Pasta, straight out our north doors

Amy’s smiling face across from us in the main arcade at Papparadelle’s Pasta. Amy will suggest tons of options for a great pasta dinner, and everyone else there are equally nice and helpful!

After your weekend breakfast and bloody marys, stroll the market and find some handmade crafts to send relatives and friends for holiday gifts. The craft stalls (turn left coming out of Lowell’s and walk down the arcade tiles a few minutes) are filled with one-of-a-kind jewelery, pottery, leather goods, wines, candles and farmstead condiments.

After a while head back our way and directly in front of our northern entrance doors is Papparadelle’s handmade pasta’s. Papparadelle’s offers countless varieties of pasta in every flavor imaginable, all natural. Jalapeno linguini, saffron fettuccini, sun dried tomato farfalle and even chocolate fettuccini (serve either with a vanilla cream for a pasta dessert or a rich short rib ragu to bring out a whole another depth of flavor).

BOOM, you have the makings for tomorrow night’s dinner, and all of the ingredients are picked up from a family run business twenty steps outside our doors. Organic meats from Bill the Butcher, produce from Lina’s or Sosio’s, pasta from Papparadelle’s and wine from DeLaurenti’s!

After Lowell’s, tomorrow’s dinner becomes a treat to put together, and the weekend is complete. Enjoy!

~Mark @ Lowell’s / “almost classy”