Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Coffee is grinding, Lowell’s is prepping, the rain is misting the cobblestones…

We arrive every morning at 5AM to start grinding fresh roast Rococo Coffee beans and get the first pot of coffee on for our friends bringing us fresh fish, produce and our cooks sizzling up bacon for breakfast. We open everyday at 7AM, but don’t hang out in the cold, if you arrive a little early, get off the wet cobblestones, come into Lowell’s (in the heart of the main arcade) where we are getting everything ready.

Take the chill off! Let me buy you a coffee, sit back, watch the ferries come into port and enjoy the best part of the day, as it starts waking up…~Mark

Only Lowell’s and Harry our “Master Fish-Man” are up and running at this hour, 5AM this morning, and Harry beat us by 3 hours! Come in a little early, grab a window seat and watch the busy port hustling below our windows! ~Mark