Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Give Thanks Daily, “Rachel the Pig” is a Piggy Bank For Those in Need!


Rachel stands guard at the entrance to the market, right in front of where the fish are thrown. Stop by and cointribute some coins on your way to dining with us!

Rachel the Pig is a collector of coins and cash every day of the year to help those that need it most, are less fortunate than the rest of us, and that give thanks all year long to everyone that can contribute.

The Pike Place Market Food Bank, The Pike Place Market Senior Center and The Pike Place Market Medical Clinic all benefit through our daily donations, and any amount helps, any amount. Pennies turn into dimes that turn into dollars and Rachel can eat and eat, she never surrenders!

As we give thanks with our families tomorrow (and every day) let’s all keep in mind how much a small contribution daily can make a huge difference through many lives. Rachel puts smiles on children’s faces, some of those children need help, and so do some of their grandparents.

Peace, love, warmth and comfort to everybody with a roof over their family and some coins to feed Rachel. She’s more than a photo-op; she actually serves many, and does more than most.

Cheer the day, every day, and stay safe & sane during this holiday season!

~ your family at Lowell’s