Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Lowell’s decorates for the best Seattle holiday tradition of 105 years!

Come watch the decorations go up over the next week as our TRADITIONS stay alive at LOWELL’S and in the market!

Here come the lights, trees, wreaths, banners, poinsettias and children’s laughter for the holidays. Schools out, we’ve got turkeys in the ovens, stuffing’s and gravy’s, walnut-maple butternut squash, homemade cranberries and more, more, more happening at Lowell’s. Whether you choose our Blueberry-Ricotta-Lemon Zest Pancakes for breakfast (or Slow Braised Corned Beef Brisket Hash & Eggs with crispy hash brownds and toast, All American classics, Dungeness Eggs Benedicts or, well, check the menu…) you are going to be reliving what your grandparents lived with their kids,( your parents, of course), tradition. In a world unpredictable, Lowell’s is a living room in the heart of Pike Place Market that has stood the tests of time and will instill all families with the same great warmth and cheer. Stop by and say hi, grab some of our free postcards (those are REALLY our waitresses back in 1957, standing in the back of the kitchen; check out those awesome uniforms) to send to friends and family.

“Almost Classy”… since 1957, when Reid Lowell took over from Mr. Manning (of Manning’s Coffee) and then when Mr. Lowell passed Lowell’s along to the Chatalas family in the seventies, we kept his name alive. It’s all about family, and after all, Reid put the bar in way back when, and we HAD to properly thank him!

~Mark @ Lowell’s