Lowell's Restaurant Seattle


Bacon Maple Mini-Cupcakes!

Carrie has taken it upon herself to make the most insanely delicious cupcakes during the holidays, before we all have to get back in shape from our over-consumptive holiday binging! This started as we put our heads together and came up with the idea to give all the kids a mini-cupcake (with their parents approval, […]

Incredibley Healthy Egg Whites Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos!

Our “Incredible Breakfast Tacos” have always been a HUGE hit; all home-made salsas, Cotija cheese, home-made chorizo, avocado-tomato “fresca”, well, you get the picture; they’re incredible! NOW, we add the healthiest version and they are equally INCREDIBLE, in fact, I like them better because they’re so damn healthy. Fresh egg whites (not Egg Beaters) scrambled […]