Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Famed celebrity seat warmers, in from Tennessee, Swifty Ron Stone and his beautiful concubine Ashlea, Lowell’s 2nd floor regulars in town!

The usual?

The usual?

Elusive world travelers cross state lines to supper here at Lowell’s every holiday season. One pace ahead of the pack, R.S. & Dimples lay low nearby and sneak in when no ones looking for they’re private trysts here at Lowell’s. Look for them, and they’re gone, like a Florida breeze through an old man’s thong! We’ll see you next time, as the calendar turns…

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  1. Cyndie Provost "Lowell" says:

    January 17, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    Hello Mark

    Just wanted to say what a great job you are doing with My Fathers restaurant. Such memories. I have tried to meet you several times this past year but keep missing you. I will try again soon. Keep up the good work. My Father would be happy I am sure.


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