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As of 10/25/2021, per the statewide mandate, all guests at Lowell's MUST show proof of vaccination OR a negative test taken in the previous 72 hours.

We thank all our guests for their continued understanding and patience as we navigate the daily challenges of operating during COVID-19. Masks are required for entry for everyone. Our team is working hard to ensure everyone can have a safe and happy experience!

Lowell’s Dehydrating laboratory and test kitchen at the old homestead!

OK, we eat and drink for a living; not a bad job! Whether its coming up with new items for the restaurant or for the bar, it usually starts at home where I have the room to break out all the equipment Lowell’s doesn’t have room for and I have fun trying out original inspiring thoughts before bringing them into action on our menus.

After playing with smoke (our smoked fresh ground veal/beef/sausage & bacon meatloaf started here, as well as sous vide 72 hour brisket, cask aged fresh Washington Cherries Rye Manhattan Smashes, smoked root vegetable and alderwood grilled chicken hash, vanilla bean and fresh pineapple infused Barboncourt rum for summer coolers, and on and on.

As long as I don’t leave my messes to  my wife Kristie to clean up afterwards (at the restaurant we have no space, but a lot of hands to help!) then all ideas are good until proven otherwise! This Spring and Summer we’ll be rolling out fresh new items, whether from my “test kitchen” or from Juan and his crew’s authentic fresh salsas and Latino recipes as always. Something new every few days, come in and try some on any of our three floors with the best water views in Seattle! Open at 7AM daily, bar included.



Mark & the gang of Lowell’s Merry Pranksters! (Giving due thanks to Ken Kesey and his inspired homemade concoctions, ahem…)


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    September 5, 2016 at 3:08 am

    Such an inspiration!

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