Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Lowell’s “Moscow Mule”, one of our all year around holiday traditions!

Triple distilled premium vodka, fresh squeezed lime and ice in a traditional Copper Mug topped with zesty Reed’s Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic, the ginger beer anyway) makes our Moscow Mules a tasty respite from the crowds of holidays shoppers pounding through the arcade grabbing all they’re fresh products for the dinners to follow!

The hot & spiked holiday drinks we concoct from what we find in the market are winter warmers, the Moscow Mule, even though over ice, warms us up in an invigorating way that propels us back outside. Try one or two, but please don’t steal our copper mugs (the lady on table twelve, whose purse fell over and the two mugs rolling across our floor like tumbling dice…) like the last 24 that disappeared!

Cheers to all, smiles everywhere, kindness everyone everywhere on a globe without borders!

~Mark & the Lowell’s Staff



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