Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Best day in Pike Place Market? Breakfast or lunch at Lowell’s overlooking the waterfront, kick around the market in every direction working up another appetite, and then…

head over to our friend Dan Bugge’s RADIATOR WHISKEY (also hidden away, like us, where the best gems are found) for great PIG, Sara’s amazing whiskey concoctions and the great revelry of living and loving and laughing that comes with the honesty and integrity of people doing what they love to do!

John over at Pure Food Fish put it best yesterday, when we crossed paths out on the cobblestones, when he said, “another beautiful day in our year around summer camp”!

I’ve made many, many friends over the 15 years I’ve operated Lowell’s with Bill, and look forward to making many, many more over the next 15 years. BUT I also have made many after work friends over at the RADIATOR while savoring two fingers of some unfound Rye or Bourbon that Sara or Justin have turned me onto.

Call ahead and reserve a whole roasted pig’s head (seriously unreal flavors of the moistest parts pulled right from the source), slide into a table with friends, and allow yourself the pleasure to continue what started with a Dungeness Crab Omelet in our house, and a most memorable day to think back on when you return to wherever you’re going back to.

Cheers daily, peace & love & laughter to every soul on earth! (and sorry for my punctuation, too many commas, parentheses and quotation marks, I realize this weakness;Sara Radiator I’m not in denial)


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