Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

The Inquisitive Goat! (Lowell’s uses the freshest goat cheese Orcas Island has to offer)

Kristie and I flew up to Orcas Island for our anniversary weekend and found this little farm to stay at that was insanely fresh! Picking eggs from the hen house each morning, walking into the huge garden & green house for salad makings and veggie stir fry ingredients, and my favorite, getting their home-made goat cheese to fold into morning omelets along with fresh snipped chives; unbelievable. I had to bring some back, just like all the farms we visit around Washington, the best gets the “Lowell’s treatment” in our daily specials, and if sustainable, goes right on the menu!

This guy followed me around while I pulled down the upper branches of trees for him to munch on that he couldn’t reach, and we became farm brothers the weekend.

Earl, my inquisitive goat buddy!

Earl, my inquisitive goat buddy!

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  1. rekey Kendall says:

    March 30, 2016 at 4:19 am

    amaizing speech!!

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