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The Freshest Copper River Wild Alaskan Salmon, at Lowell’s, NOW! The short season is on!

Fresh Copper River Salmon Season!

Fresh Copper River Salmon Season!

It’s the annual short season for the best wild salmon in THE WORLD! Rich, buttery and grilled perfectly, Lowell’s gets Copper River Salmon right off the plane from Alaska overnight, before the biggest chef’s anywhere! It’s a reason to get excited, and to use too many exclamation points, and to get in here for the once a year tradition! Every year the season gets shorter, so hurry it up!

While the most expensive restaurants in Seattle (& the country) charge $60-$100 an entree for their plates of Copper River Salmon, Lowell’s serves it freshest, and less expensive, (for $30 with the freshest Pike Place Market vegetables and our house seasoning jasmine rice pilaf) with a light herb-caper-citrus butter on the side so as not to take away from the incredible luxury of simply grilling our filets perfectly.

We pick the whole fish each morning, filet the fish out and remove the pin bones, and it’s on the grill within hours! Get in Lowell’s and try it while it lasts, or you’ll have to wait another year for what will probably be an even shorter season in 2014!
Cheer the day!
~Mark @ Lowell’s

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