Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

“Unsung Hero” tribute album honors Lowell’s regular, Ron Davies. Buy it, listen & love!

Longtime friend, super talented songwriter, musician & humble troubadour Ron Davies passed away back in 2003. Truly an unsung hero, Mr. Davies often hid away window side and penned poetry and songs while gazing across the water at the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Ron is fondly remembered by those regulars of ours and long time staff as a gentle soul always unassuming while focused on his craft.

Put Mr. Davies in the same, special and treasured natural state of consciousness reserved for very few we’ve ever come across, a handful really, those that focus on their perception of individual realty while avoiding the trappings of ego so many are ensnared in.

Like another similarly unique songwriter/musician, Townes Van Zandt, I hope they are playing music out amongst the surreal rockscapes of Joshua Tree National Monument, exuding the magic of unique formations between heaven and earth represented by those magnificent stone escarpments.

To any and all that have not had the pleasure of being exposed to a true “Unsung Hero” get this “album” (CD, download, etc.) and listen, then listen again. We were lucky to have our encounters with the man, you should take some life-moments and familiarize yourself with his talent; life rarely recognizes the unbelievable rarities living beside us (as they don’t blast ego across the landscape) but release their talent for other’s to be recognized for and thus pass under our radar.

Again, stop & listen up folks, real treasures are as fleeting and rare as the clouds above us, not the glitter of gold and platinum that so many others coveted. Those that pay tribute on this album “get it” and are also treasures among us, thank you so much for a reminder ten years later.

~ Peace, love, truth and thanks Mr. Davies.Ron Davies Tribute


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  1. Therese H Davies says:

    April 1, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    How wonderful that you recognized the “real” Ron, ….. and his talent. Lowell’s was such a haven and perfect atmosphere for him to write. Thanks so much for “getting it” those who know, know. Therese {chica} Davies

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