Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Lighting the way to LOWELL’S!

If you’re heading up the steps from Western Avenue into Pike Place Market, you’ll see these fantastic light fixtures “walking” up and down the walls, leading the way when dusk falls. Follow them to the top, turn left and head through the “Main Arcade” a few businesses and you’ll find our 1st floor entrance.

When you find yourself inside the front door, head up our stairs to Lowell’s “BarAtTheMarket” and have your own mood light, in a spirited glass of amber liquid, and watch the sunset behind the Olympic Mountains past Elliot Bay! These guy’s are one of many little surprises you’ll find throughout the market. Our two floors above our first floor are a surprise also, but we don’t walk up the walls…yet.

~Mark @ Lowell’sWalking Man



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