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Papa Juan’s Fresh Fish Soup!

Italy has its Cioppino and France has its Bouillabaisse. Lowell’s has the best American version of Fresh Fish Soup, here in the Pacific Northwest, right here in Pike Place Market! And it gets no fresher unless you’re cooking it on the boat (but you’d still have to bring the vegetables from somewhere!)

Papa Juan (our kitchen manager Juan Valencia) has been taking fresh wild salmon chunks, fresh halibut and cod and stewing them with fresh spices, vegetables and tomatoes to make his incredible hearty “Papa Juan’s Fish Soup” for years now, and it always sells out.

Every time, rain or shine, this is our favorite soup of the day, and the only thing that changes is when we add something that just came in that morning that Harry brings over to throw in the pot. We always have first dibs on the fresh local salmon, halibut & cod, so we can depend on the freshest of the fresh. Sometimes though, Juan will throw some Dungeness crab or prawns in also, depending on what he’s cooking up for that day’s lunch special.

Stop in next Friday and try some. In addition to our creamy clam chowder, Juan’s soups of the day are locally famous, and are always the same price as our cups and bowls of chowder. You’re in Washington State, why eat foreign fish when you can eat local?

~Us at Lowell’s

Big Bowl of "Papa Juan's Fresh Fish Soup" on a blustery Friday afternoon (before we sold out!)

Big Bowl of “Papa Juan’s Fresh Fish Soup” on a blustery Friday afternoon (before we sold out!)


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