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As of 10/25/2021, per the statewide mandate, all guests at Lowell's MUST show proof of vaccination OR a negative test taken in the previous 72 hours.

We thank all our guests for their continued understanding and patience as we navigate the daily challenges of operating during COVID-19. Masks are required for entry for everyone. Our team is working hard to ensure everyone can have a safe and happy experience!

Michael & Maria, locals from Edmonds, Sat. 12/15 breakfast…

I met Mr. P. Michael Biggs while assisting my staff on the third floor this morning, what a great guy. Smiling, full of life & laughter and it didn’t hurt that he praised our food and staff!

We swapped some laughs and enjoyed a few moments talking about the view and the morning and good living; essentially, not taking for granted what we have each moment right in front of us. We are so lucky to have locals like Mr. Biggs and Maria brightening our days, I was compelled to share their grins.

Michael tells me he also blogs, so later today I’ll be looking him up at one of his, you should also. If they’re as positive as he is, they have to be inspiring.

Here’s Michael’s blog addresses:

The Morning Notes Blog: www.up-words.blogspot.com   It’s All about People Blog: www.peoplebrief.blogspot.com

Michael & Maria from Edmonds, WashingtonLoyal regulars smiling through the day!

Michael & Maria from Edmonds, Washington
Loyal regulars smiling through the day!





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