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Lowell’s 2nd floor “HideAway” lunch specials today…

photos-37Today’s chilly weather lunch specials are smoky comfort food at its freshest! Our Soup of the Day is house-smoked turkey with fresh veggies and jasmine rice and we have our incredible Lowell’s Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich, which is unique, original and invented here! We make  a fantastic, house spiced meat-loaf covered with bacon and ketchup, then smoke it over alder wood chips to impart another depth of awesomeness to an already fantastic meatloaf,.Served on a fresh Macrina Bakery Ciabatta bun with Swiss cheese, whole grain-mayo sauce, lettuce and tomatoes, fries on the side.

We walked two doors over and picked out our wild king salmon this morning at Pure Food Fish, the Harry and the boys removed the scales & skin, broke down the whole fish (or fishes, as it were!) and “pin-boned” them for us. After Juan weighed and filleted beautiful 6oz fillets, they’ll be grilled to order and served today with a fresh relish of roasted garlic-basil-tomatoes, fresh market long beans and carrots and our jasmine rice pilaf. in addition to everything else on the menu, these specials offer a hearty comfort taste in the beginning of our Pacific Northwest winter!

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