Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Allison from New Jersey! (12/04/2012 @ 7:30AM)


Thank you New Jersey for allowing someone as wonderful as Allison to visit us in Seattle!

Allison, sitting on our top floor was waiting for her Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict and stopped me as I was walking across the floor to ask what the big crane-like things over in Seattle’s Port were, so I stopped and we chatted. Allison gave me the best unsolicited review about Lowell’s since Ron & Ashlea (you two still win the GOLD, since Bill and I both we’re sitting next to you, and you had no idea who we were) and Allison had no idea I was involved with Lowell’s!

Damn I love our staff for putting it out right, for our location which never gets tired or boring and most of all for our guest’s and the beauty they grace our establishment with. I mean that respectfully, Allison (and Ron & Ashlea), I am proud for the unsolicited feedback. As well, if we “mess up, we fess up”, so please let Jeremy or myself know if we ever get it wrong. We’ll make it right, right then. But we think everyone will enjoy our home as much as these guest’s, and that’s no PR!



Cheers, ~Mark