Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

One of my favorite Buskers in the Market, PK Dwyer!

Playing the blues at the corner of Post Alley & Pike Place, right across from Lowell’s!

It’s probably 40 degrees out here, straight across the cobblestones from our arcade entrance, on a brisk autumn day, and PK Dwyer  is harping and strumming the blues, and you can tell he MEANS IT. His guitar case has some bills and some change and some self-produced CD’s in it, and he’s putting out “”TIN CUP BLUES” from his latest cd “ROUGH SHOD”, whick I pick up for a stocking stuffer. The market is full of fantastic street musicians “buskers” that have different styles that keep all of us alive even on the coldest days of the year. Every corner and in between we have singers, magicians, trios, dancers… but especially talented buskers playing their souls out. Pitch some loot in their guitar or fiddle cases, because they’re obviously not making rent doing this… and where else do you get to be an audience of one to something as real as this? It’s the real deal, just like the rest of the market… its not a mall!


*(by the way, look at his harmonic case behind him to the left, PK get’s down my friends!) visit www.pkdwyer.com for his joyous ride