Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

It’s Warm at Lowell’s, on the Other Side of the Windows…Chilling!

Elliott Bay from our windows!

With Thanksgiving coming up November 22, here come our most comforting specials for the snow, wind, rain & sleet. Slow braised briskets with roasted winter root veggies and garlic mashed potatoes, Smoked King Salmon & Yukon potato hash with poached eggs and herb hollandaise sauce on side AND our “soon to be famous locals favorite sandwich” the amazing house smoked and bacon wrapped home-made meatloaf sandwich on rustic rosemary bread (or white bread, if preferred) with tomato-bacon jam, mixed field greens and cranberry mayo! Check here daily for upcoming specials, as we source the market daily for the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Of course, with our bartenders whipping up  our spiked winter warmers. Mmmmm, hot buttered Washington apple cider with pumpkin-pie spices, dark rum and Tuaca is currently filling the room with holiday aromas,  deep, hearty, Samual Smith’s Oatmeal Stout putting a froth on mustaches and mellow glasses of nice red wine putting rosy glows on wind-whipped cheeks!

We’re making merry while other’s stress (I hope not, but I was shopping yesterday)!

Don’t hit the streets without a comfortable start, and you will remember these days more fondly!

Mark @ Lowell’s