Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Good Morning Seattle!

Shot at food photo class at Delancy Pantry in Ballard yesterday

Big thanks to Gabe & Ashley (at Delancy Kitchen classes this past Sunday) for teaching me to shoot arty pictures with my phone. Who would have known we could get all fancy with a phone, two pears, a dish rag and a piece of painted wood from Home Depot? ~Mark

Hot spiked Washington Apple-Pear Cider with pumpkin pie spices and dark, mellow rum & Tuaca! C’mon in out of the cold and grab a hot spiced cider, a plate of slow braised corned beef brisket hash & eggs with hashbrowns and sourdough toast. Then, from your warm perch hidden away on the 3rd floor, watch the ships sail into port and the ferries cross Puget Sound, where everyone is freezing their butts off. Warm, laughter, great food-drink & company and the Pacific Northwest outside just moving along. Cheers to all, write us and tell us what you would like to see on our menu, but remember, we have a REALLY small kitchen, and three floors of seating, so it can’t hobble my cooks too much because they already do the impossible!