Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Making Toast since Grandma was a child!

Gold Toast
A little over sixty years ago Manning’s Coffee Cafeteria became LOWELL’S Restaurant, when the Manning’s decided to concentrate solely on selling coffee and Reid Lowell bought their flagship Pike Place Market location as they disbanded their 20+ cafeterias up and down the west coast. To this day we’ll occasionally have grandparents bring in their grandchildren and reminisce over fresh blueberry pancakes about old Seattle, while watching the cargo ships coming into port and the ferries head across Elliot Bay towards their various destinations.

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    It’s fascinating to learn about the history and transformation of Manning’s Coffee Cafeteria into LOWELL’S Restaurant. The decision by the Manning family to focus on selling coffee and the subsequent purchase of their Pike Place Market location by Reid Lowell marked a significant turning point in the establishment’s evolution.

    LOWELL’S Restaurant has now become a cherished destination in Seattle, where generations of families continue to gather and create memories. It’s heartwarming to hear that grandparents bring their grandchildren to enjoy fresh blueberry pancakes while sharing stories about old Seattle. The panoramic view of cargo ships entering the port and ferries crossing Elliot Bay adds to the nostalgic and picturesque atmosphere.

    This tradition of reminiscing about the past while enjoying delicious food and witnessing the city’s bustling activities truly captures the essence of LOWELL’S Restaurant. It serves as a testament to the enduring charm of the establishment and its ability to connect generations through shared experiences.

    As time goes on, LOWELL’S Restaurant will likely continue to be a beloved landmark, preserving the spirit of old Seattle while embracing the vibrant present.

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