Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Fresh Seared Halibut Filet with Fresh Peas-Mint sauce and Wild Oregon Foraged Mushrooms

Testing the new dinner menu fresh sheet, and offering the specials along the way, what a treat. With the spring bounty comes halibut season and all sorts of great herbs and veggies out of the earth! Ocean, Forest & Earth…what a medley!
May is coming soon and with it, our third menu. Come “hide-away” on our 2nd & 3rd floors away from the throngs of humanity in the market and enjoy a water view, a handcrafted cocktail-PNW wine or ale and the smiling faces of our friendly staff.
Food is love, when love is poured into it, and we serve up the love starting at 7AM everyday of the week, all year around, except Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving when all of our staff enjoys those holidays with their other families (our “Lowell’s Family” while at work, which is which???)
Live fresh,
love Lowell’sSeared Fresh Halibut

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