Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Seasonal Menu Changes in play at Lowell’s, these web site menu pages under construction this week!

OK, I just spent an hour updating new menu selections for the winter seasonal changes and the¬†addition of some more homemade vegetarian options, sandwiches, craft drinks both with and without alcohol (we call these our “Muddler’s” because we muddle fresh fruits and mints and different things together to make tasty concoctions that are not boring!)

Anyway, I somehow didn’t save the edits correctly, so it will be a little longer this week before our web site here reflects the changes we all worked so long upon. Tasty, fresh, new, unique, and did I say FRESH??? We tested them on friends, neighbors and staff before bringing them on board the menus, so I assure you we love them as much as you will!

Nonetheless, with the holidays on us, the days are shorter so the sunsets out all three floors of windows are awesome and the perfect backdrop to a spiked and spiced Washington cider, a steaming bowl of fresh northwest steamer clams, our insanely original handmade and house infused Bloody Mary’s and all the other delectable stomach warmers we lovingly bring you.

NOW, back to my two-finger typing of the editing process which this time I’ll hopefully save correctly as to avoid another go at this!

Cheers, Mark at Lowell’s




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