Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Fresh Wild “Blackened” King Salmon Fillet with Mediterranean Salad & Jasmine Rice Pilaf

Our fresh Mediterranean salad on the side of our fresh wild “blackened spiced” king salmon is so healthy and tasty the sum of the parts is sensational if I do brag about it more than usual.
Baby local hothouse tomatoes, capers, celery, carrots, kale, green onions, and fresh herbs tossed in our maple-chili vinaigrette dressing is the perfect counterpoint to king salmon’s richness. Mixed with our jasmine rice pilaf it is not only a beautiful plate, but a lunch you will find nowhere else. Freshness of quality ingredients put together with love by our kitchen family makes for a perfect stop in the friendliest restaurant & bar in Pike Place Market or the Pacific Northwest if I dare brag so much.
Stop in and look at the beautiful view of ferries crossing Puget Sound with The Olympic Mountains in the background before grabbing your Thanksgiving fixin’s to get cooking on tonight!

Mediterranean Tomato-Kale Salad!

Mediterranean Tomato-Kale Salad!

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