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Fresh foraged Portobello mushroom “fingers” with smoked Gouda cheese dipping sauce!

Getting ready for the fry!

Getting ready for the fry!

These fresh Portobello mushrooms are about to be sliced about a half inch thick into wedges, dredged in flour & egg then Japanese bread crumbs, then deep fried golden brown, served hot with our homemade smoked Gouda cheese dipping sauce and sesame slaw on the side (and probably a cold pint of Ninkasi IPA ale!)

Another fine suggestion Sue (& Bill), these are right on the mark! Seasonal, fresh and incredibly tasty by all accounts. In fact, we’re almost running out today and we just cut up an additional 15#. In 2 weeks they’ll be on our menu, but until then we offer them daily by word and on the chalkboards.

Look for all of our fresh wild mushroom specials this month, the 6 mushroom & Autumn orzo soup has been selling out early and the smoked & grilled mushroom salad with balsamic & cider vinaigrette will be on our boards Wednesday through Sunday this week.

OK, back to the produce stands for more fresh ideas, come visit and send us your recipes.

(Oh yeah, on another note, thank you this morning Todd for turning me on to the awesome “Dad’s Bennie” which I’m renaming “Todd’s Bennie” on our new breakfast menu. Nothing precious; pure genius! Our slow braised corned beef hash filling in on an Egg’s Benedict instead of the Canadian Bacon with the poached eggs on top smothered with Hollandaise sauce…Instant Classic! Actually made my morning to be turned on to such a great combo and make it for you, I’m only sorry I didn’t buy it for you in return. Next time your in, the Todd’s Bennie is on me my brother!)

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