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Lowell’s Breakfast of Champions! Egg White & Grilled Veggies Burrito w/ our Homemade Salsas

My egg white burrito!

My egg white burrito!

Sitting at my desk, running through tasks, applications, endless stacks of papers-flotsam-etc. BUT, mowing on the BEST & HEALTHIEST breakfast around while doing it. I invented it (ok, I asked my kitchen gurus to make me a burrito with the following ingredients, THEY did the magic!)

Lowell’s Egg Whites & Grilled Market Veggies Breakfast Burrito: We separate egg whites each morning for the day, so I asked Alejandro & Daniel if they’d fire me up a burrito with egg whites, grilled fresh market veggies, cotija cheese, fresh avocado salsa fresca, roasted tomatillo salsa and Serrano chilis. AWESOME! The grilled fresh veggies have yellow squash, red peppers, Bermuda onions, eggplant… (kind of like a fresh “ratatouille” without all the tomato sauce & Mediterranean seasonings) but the combination, rolled into a grilled soft flour tortilla and rolled up, then a little more roasted tomatillo salsa and the avocado salsa fresca on top sprinkled with fresh cotija cheese…remarkable!

Makes working at a desk a no-brainer-good time. Ask for one next time you’re in, or if it’s more than two or three weeks before your next visit (out of towners, out of staters and out of country regulars)) it will be on our menu very, very soon.


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