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May 5th Weekend! Sunny, Fresh, Lucky & Wild! (Sunny View, Fresh Food & Drink, Wild Seafood & Lucky to Be Alive!)

Sunny day real estate!

Sunny day real estate!

The view from All 3 floors on this beautiful Pacific Northwest Weekend is always fresh, like everything else around here, and we love it! Our ‘Soup of the Day” today is “Papa-Juan’s” Fresh Market Seafood Soup with Fresh & Wild: King Salmon, Halibut, Pacific Swordfish and Ahi all together with a fresh vegetable stock made from Lina’s Veggie’s (across the tiles from us) and the freshest seafood in Pike Place Market from two doors down at “Pure Food Fish!”

Pacific Northwest Halibut season is rolling, and our Grilled Wild Halibut sandwich today has a fresh basil pesto on a fresh “Telera” roll with Crown Lettuce, Tomato slices & Mozzarella. Voted “Best Halibut Sandwich in Pike Place Market” by an email poll, we are proud to pick out the best fish from Pure Food Fish, have Harry and the men over there skin and pin-bone them for us before walking over and through our 1st floor dining room with those large sides of the freshest of the fresh fish in Seattle.

Every morning, every day, all year around (except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday, when we’re with our families; celebrating how lucky we are to be where we’re at, with who we’re with, in the greatest place on the planet. Bring YOUR cheer in, and add to the days (& nights) of smiles, wines, cocktails, ales, “Meat, Fish & Fowl”, fresh roasted & ground local artisan “Rococo” coffee and award winning breakfasts, lunches & our new seasonal dinner menu starting in two weeks!

We still, and always will, believe in cheerful service and the authenticity of diverse personalities making new friends daily so we continue 57 years and counting as “The Living Room” of Pike Place Market and all the comfort and love that implies.

Cheers to you and Peace to all, drop in and enjoy!

~Mark, Jeremy, Juan & the best employees anywhere

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