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The closest parking for Lowell’s & Pike Place Market!

ParkParking for the market (and Lowell’s) is difficult on the street level cobblestones out front of us on Pike Place; limited primarily to loading and unloading spots for all the produce and seafood trucks bring produce from the farms and seafood from the boats. ย PLUS, it’s only one hour parking which is designed for shoppers to make a quick stop to run into Pike Place Market and grab fresh produce, seafood, spices, etc. and get back out allow other’s to do the same.

The best parking, and the easiest and most accessible, is to drive through the market after turning onto our one way cobblestone street at First Avenue and Pike Place, then head to the end and turn left onto Western Ave. There are two stop signs at the end of the cobblestones, turn left at each of them.

Now you’ll drive past Victor Steinbruck Park heading down Western and you’ll pass one parking lot before getting to the Pike Place Market parking lot on the right. It’s about 300 yards from the stop sign you turned left at, which you can’t miss, right after passing UNDER the “sky-bridge” that takes you straight into the heart of the market’s main arcade, where Lowell’s is located.

Park on any of the 5 floors, and take the CENTER ELEVATOR to the top 7th floor. (There are two elevators, the southernmost one only goes up part way, and won’t lead to the main arcade inside the market). You’ll notice inside the elevator, when you press the button marked “M”, that this is the only button which light doesn’t light up. Don’t worry, it’s been out for YEARS (a decade plus!) but it will still get you to the market, lit or not. (The button OR you!)

When you get out of the elevator you’ll be on the western side of the “sky-bridge” outside, with views of Mount Rainier, the Seahawks stadium, the Mariner’s stadium and the Port of Seattle. This is a great spot for photos for anyone visiting Seattle with one of the best unexpected backdrop views in the city.

Head across the sky-bridge that takes you above Western Avenue and go through the doors at the end, then turn right. Lowell’s is located three businesses to the right walking on the personalized floor tiles (that were sold to folks back in the seventies to help raise money to save the market) past Woodring Farms Fresh Cider Shop, Chukar Cherries dried Berries and Chocolate covered fruit shop, and Sossio’s Produce. (Actually, 4 businesses, because there’s a tiny souvenir & postcard shop between us and Sossio’s that is really easy to miss).

There you’ll find our first of three floors, which deceptively appears to be a small 7 table diner coffee shop. Actually, our first floor is mostly kitchen and barista space, with wall to wall panoramic windows. If you head up our stairs towards the top you’ll find our “view bar” at the first landing, with sit down table service and lounge (also, of course, wall to wall water view windows as well as booths that look back into the market arcade for people watching from above). This is only the second floor “hide-away” of our three floors.

At the top 3rd floor, you’ll find our widest dining room with the most windows, which has views looking south to Mt. Rainier & the stadiums, the Port, and all the way around 180 degrees past Elliott Bay to the snow topped Olympic Mountains northeast. You’ll also look down from all 3 floors at the “sky-bridge” which brought you over from the Pike Place Market parking garage, so this vantage point gives you a great bearing for returning to your car after eating, drinking and making a day of Pike Place Market & Lowell’s.

~Mark @ Lowell’s Restaurant & Bar



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    I’m trying to reach Mark. I remember his email being something like flomasterdeluxe, is that right? I can’t remember if it’s .com or .net or even if flomasterdeluxe is correct. I’m an old friend, any chance you could pass this along to him as I’d like to be in touch again and send him an email ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you!

    ps.remind him that we use to be “STRANGERS” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    He can email me direct at chereebest@hotmail.com or just ask if I can email his personal email please. thank you!

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