Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Our neighbor 2 stalls over, Chukar Cherries!

Chukar Cherries has some great unique dried fresh berries, cherries and chocolate covered treats. We use their dried cherries to garnish drinks in our bar, because well, why not? Different because who else where else can walk two doors down and grab something that no one else has? Its pretty awesome having such diverse neighbors left, right, up, down, sideways, diagonal, whatever direction you want to go! There are over 200 shops and restaurants and stores and hide aways all over Piker pLace Market. Grab one of the maps at the info booth in front of where they throw the fish, and come into Lowell’s for a “pit-stop” in OUR hide away! Head to the bar on the 2nd floor, or have a bite to eat on any of our 3 floors, and pore over the map and make a little plan on what to see and where to walk to around here. We’re all friends and neighbors, we’ll stear you in the right direction!

~Mark & the family clan of Lowell’s, running around our water-view “hide away in the market to take care of you all!Chukar Cherries

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    August 20, 2022 at 1:00 am

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