Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Filming “Top Chef Seattle” from Lowell’s Arcade booth windows, 2nd floor “Bar at the Market” level!

While shooting the current TOP CHEF SEATTLE (Wednesday’s on Bravo), our guest’s got a great birds eye view of the celebrity chef’s filming arcade market scenes from our 2nd floor booths. Not only did we luck out and get to try some of the contestant’s offerings, but they lucked out and got to taste some of ours! We’re not TOP CHEF celebrities, but we are very proud of our unsolicited accolades from many of the celebrity chef’s, some of those framed in our front window. Mario Batali raving about his favorite Pacific Northwest breakfasts at LOWELL’S and the fantastic Food Network episode Giada DeLaurentis shot here on our 3rd floor, extolling the freshness of our veggie omelet, view and authenticity! (copy & paste in your browser to see her notes, we couldn’t put the video in our window) www.foodnetwork.com/local/wa-seattle/lowells-restaurant-bar-at-pike-place-market-restaurant/index.html#/38.736171/-97.222306/4/)

People watching from our “arcade booths” Thierry Rautureau, nicknamed The Chef In The Hat, while filming TOP CHEF SEATTLE for the BRAVO NETWORK series airing Wednesday nights this season!