Lowell's Restaurant Seattle


Katie & the Jorge’ Apple…only at Lowell’s!

Some other restaurateurs around town (NOT IN THE MARKET) use GMO produce in their establishments, but not here at Lowell’s. Our own Katie Apple-Finder travels the backroads seeking out the freshest and most unique produce available for use in our creative, one-of-a-kind cocktail infusions in our 2nd floor bar/lounge. Like the “Jorge Gigante’” here, not […]

BITES & FLIGHTS! Seattle Beer Week at Lowell’s…

Seattle Beer Week is fresh, local tastes all over town at the best establishments in Seattle; everybody tasting what The Pacific Northwest has to offer! On Wednesday, May 14 from 3PM-6PM Lowell’s will be hosting a pairing up of great fresh hand crafted tasty “BITES” with Pike Place Brewery’s “FLIGHTS” of their award winning ales! […]

New Menu Items for Seasonal Farm & Local Availability in Progress!

Today’s special is our Egg Whites & Fresh Turkey Breast Omelet with roasted red peppers, spinach, green onions, avocado and Beecher’s Award Winning “Flagship” white cheddar cheese. Eating at my desk while working through the morning, what a great addition to our menu as well as a perfect post-workout breakfast. With crispy hashbrowns or fresh […]