Lowell's Restaurant Seattle


Festivus @ Pike Place Market!

Lights, cameras, action! Electrical meters are humming like ceiling fans as the market lights up for the holidays! Swing by, grab some prezzie’s for the family and hide out in Lowell’s 2nd floor bar/lounge for a hot toddy spiked with your favorite holiday spirits!

Crowds in Pike Place? Hide away on one of our top floors with a hand-crafted cocktail and some fresh Pacific Northwest vittles! (Thats for you Mr. & Mrs. Poncier!))

Three floors of nooks & crannies to hide from the log jams of people, hordes of tantrumsĀ of all ages and just relax like a rock star. (Ron) So if you can find our street level entrance, come in and let us take great care of you as the summer winds down a bit, and the […]