Lowell's Restaurant Seattle

Just two of the dishwashers at Lowell’s from our past…

There was Bob. Bob was imprisoned after going AWOL during the Vietnam war because, as a photographer, he just had his fill of full frame ferociousness. Bob went to a military brig where he became reknown inside the walls by inmates and guards alike for building both a full, double trailer semi truck as well as an old western fort completely out of used cigarette butts. Bob then went on to sell the two “sculptures” to the R.J.Reynolds tobacco museum for $10,000! Bob later retired to the hills of Pennsylvania where, he told us, “I’m just gonna hang out on the back porch eating mayonnaise sandwiches and shoot possum”. That was Bob.


Painting of Bob done by a guy whose name escapes me right now, but hangs in my kitchen at home

Then “Grundy”, a German immigrant that was as brutally mean as mean can get! The “dish-pit” was her domain, and anyone that wanted to cross the invisible line into it was scolded in a barrage of mixed German-English-Swear words befitting her cantankerous bearing as the matriarch of a brood of six kids that all hung out front on the cobblestones where they searched dumspters for day old bread and bruised vegetables. All of they’re bounty was destined for Grundy’s nightly “market special dinners” down at their one room studio in an old Pioneer Square industrial building. Grundy was let go when she got caught handing her oldest son Henry a case of turkeys out the north pantry doors one afternoon, and then drew a knife on Big Terry the kitchen manager. That was way back. That was Grundy.


Grundy painting by MK Monroe


And the stories about the regular customers back then, and even now, are as colorful as the characters themselves. From Gladys the hermaphrodite to Big Dom the 400 pound one eyed jazz musician (who would holler “Bourbon & branch water” as he stuffed himself onto a stool, then laid his glass eye on a bar napkin and put on his patch). Come in some day and ask about them, and I’ll regale you with the real deal assortment of NO BS stories just from MY 16 years here.  I wish I knew what came before me. Ask about the fat drunk in sweat pants stumbling past the 3 salesmen in business suits, or the two kids I 86’ed the first month I was here, back in the 90’s; THE NUMBER 1 best story EVER!

Each story is a part of the fabric that makes up our corner of the market, and as the market gentrifies so go the stories. Everyone says “you should write a book” but its far more fun just living it!

Cheers to you and yours~

Mark @ Lowell’s

Loving these guys, Lowell’s unofficial selection for best Pike Place Market Band of Buskers!

YeeHaw across from Lowell's

YeeHaw across from Lowell’s

We’re all loving Spring coming, as the best buskers stream back into the market for the next 8 or 9 months! Some of our favorites are the ones missed most when they’re not around, and when they return the vibes kick it up from some of the posers to the lifelong buskers that keep it real. Take out your earbuds and look and listen, and put down your phone-camera poles to experience the flavors at the source instead of back home in your living room. Some things don’t translate to your iPad!


Us, here, at “TheBar@TheMarket”, 2nd floor of Lowell’s

Lowell’s Dehydrating laboratory and test kitchen at the old homestead!

OK, we eat and drink for a living; not a bad job! Whether its coming up with new items for the restaurant or for the bar, it usually starts at home where I have the room to break out all the equipment Lowell’s doesn’t have room for and I have fun trying out original inspiring thoughts before bringing them into action on our menus.

After playing with smoke (our smoked fresh ground veal/beef/sausage & bacon meatloaf started here, as well as sous vide 72 hour brisket, cask aged fresh Washington Cherries Rye Manhattan Smashes, smoked root vegetable and alderwood grilled chicken hash, vanilla bean and fresh pineapple infused Barboncourt rum for summer coolers, and on and on.

As long as I don’t leave my messes to  my wife Kristie to clean up afterwards (at the restaurant we have no space, but a lot of hands to help!) then all ideas are good until proven otherwise! This Spring and Summer we’ll be rolling out fresh new items, whether from my “test kitchen” or from Juan and his crew’s authentic fresh salsas and Latino recipes as always. Something new every few days, come in and try some on any of our three floors with the best water views in Seattle! Open at 7AM daily, bar included.



Mark & the gang of Lowell’s Merry Pranksters! (Giving due thanks to Ken Kesey and his inspired homemade concoctions, ahem…)


Home Made KIMCHI MARY’S, only at Lowell’s!

Inspired by a friend that was making some Kimchi a few months back, while I was in the middle of dehydrating pickles to make a “salt” to rim a different special bloody mary concoction, we developed another in our growing list of signature blody marys! First, we make a batch of great Kimchi (we brine Nappa cabbage, ginger, Korean chili paste, shrimp, daikon radish, green onions, rice wine vinegar, spring water, sea salt, raw sugar, and a bunch of fresh spices too lengthy to mention in a large vat with the brine covering the it all by 3 or 4 inches, and weight it down to keep submerged. Ferment at room temperature for a few days (you can ferment longer, perfectly safe, but it gets FUNKY the longer it goes, and we want delicious, not last years mulch! Then we strain the brine several times and we’re left with a complex liquid to add to our scratch bloody mary mix. We bottle up our Kimchi Mary mix with the addition of 1 & 3/4 ounces of triple distilled vodka and refrigerate these “made daily” cocktails in their own bottles ready for service. Order one up, we’ll serve you the bottle alongside a glass that’s rimmed with our new “proprietary blend” of homemade pickle salt as well as our house pickled green bean and limes and onion garnish. The Kimchi brine added to our great blood mary mix adds another dimension to the bloody mary, and the “pucker up pickle salt” goes perfectly as well. Gotta admit, you’re interested! Come in and try one or three. Coming soon, our homemade bloody mary ‘flights” with a paddle of three different smaller versions of some of our signature fresh infusion blood marys!